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This web site is no longer being updated. Please visit our new web site http://home.pipeline.com/~diamondmetta/
Please send e-mail to diamondmetta@bigfoot.com
Our telephone number is:
(212) 803-5192

See our new web site for an updated list of Buddhist Centers in the New York City area. | DIAMOND METTA Buddhist Lesbians and Gays of New York | CONTACT INFORMATION

DIAMOND METTA Buddhist Lesbians and Gays of New York meet for meditation and discussion on the second Tuesday of every month from 6 to 8 P.M. at the New York Lesbian, Gay, Transgender, Bi-Sexual Community Services Center, 208 West 13th Street (between 7th and 8th Avenues) New York City. Buddhist from every tradition and those interested in Buddhism are welcomed.

E-mail us at diamondmetta@bigfoot.com or telephone (212) 803-5192

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